• Toddler Program

    12 months to 36 months

  • Supporting Exploration

    Toddlers are explorers on the road to learning. In a safe and nurturing environment, your little adventurer will find his voice, make new friends and develop confidence in newfound abilities. The Toddler program is designed to promote development and learning through play and age appropriate activities. Activities focus on developing social interaction skills, cooperation with others, recognition of self and others, and language development.

    Through a combination of personalized instruction and small group time, teachers advance toddlers’ resourcefulness, critical thinking skills, and capacity for compassion. Our toddler child care approach includes a balance of child-directed and teacher-initiated opportunities. Hands-on learning and play keep toddlers actively engaged and continuously interested in understanding more about themselves, their friends and family, and the world around them.

    Our program offers two classrooms for toddler aged children: children ages 12 months to 24 months, and 24 months to 36 months. Each classroom enrolls up to eight children on a daily basis with two full time teachers. The classrooms are adjacent to each other and the environment is inviting to both children and adults. Our program provides a loving and nurturing environment where children learn to trust other adults and begin to develop friendships.

    Children may participate in a variety of creative, hands-on activities and new experiences, where they learn to discover and explore their world around them. They may enjoy singing, dancing, stories, talking, listening, cooking, painting, playing with developmentally age appropriate toys, going outside, dramatic play, and experimenting with different textures such as sand, water, or shaving cream. Our program is developmentally based, allowing the children to develop at their own pace. In addition, our teacher-child ratios allow for one-on-one and small group activity.

    Teachers focus considerable attention on the child’s safety and daily routines including arrivals and departures, diapering and toileting, eating, nap time, and dressing. We are well aware that it is a very difficult decision to leave your child in the care of others and want to make this an easier choice.  Any concerns you may have before or after starting the program are welcomed for discussion.  We hope you will communicate any information that will help us provide this quality care.  We see ourselves as a family center…one that welcomes the whole family.


    You are required by State regulations to supply all food and drink for your child, including morning snack(s), lunch, and afternoon snack(s).  All food needs to be packed in containers that are clearly labeled and have cold paks or a thermos. (NO GLASS PLEASE)  State law also does not allow children to walk around with a sippy cup.  Please offer new foods to your toddler several times at home to avoid any food related sensitivity.

    Rest Time

    Children in our toddler program sleep on cots provided by the center.  Our center has a rest time in the early afternoon for children.  Toddlers should bring a blanket, a fitted crib sheet, and a small pillow (if preferred) for nap time in a bag that can hang in the cubby separately.  You should plan on taking them home to wash, on the last scheduled day of the week, and returning them the following week.  

    Outdoor Time

    The Toddler children and staff go for daily walks or outdoor play as long as the temperature and weather permits.  Please send in appropriate outdoor gear for them each day.


    Please provide at least two complete changes of clothing.  Disposable diapers and 3 packs of wipes are to be provided by you each month. 

    Toilet Training

    We will work with you to toilet train your child when you feel they are ready.  As our policy stipulates, children entering the preschool program must be toilet trained.  Let us know when you want our help and we will take them to the bathroom regularly. 

    Transitioning to Preschool

    As your child nears his/her 3rd birthday, we will begin transitioning them into the preschool room.  This consists of slowly letting them spend time with the preschoolers (with a Toddler staff) and gradually increasing the time spent there.  Our goal is to make it a smooth transition and have them familiar with all the staff and children before they begin.  Remember that they must be toilet trained (no pull ups) before beginning preschool as the staffing ratio changes in the preschool program, and changing tables are not required.


    • Their fun learning activities and clear routines make it an ideal place for young children.

      Toddler Parent

    A Typical Day

    • Sensory play, science and exploration, arts and crafts, free play
      7:30 - 9:00
    • Snack
      9:15 - 9:45
    • Group play - dancing, large floor puzzles, books, physical activity
      10:00 - 11:30
    • Lunch
      11:30 - 12:00
    • Nap
      12:30 - 3:00
    • Snack
      3:00 - 3:30
    • Free play- manipulatives, building, creative time, social interaction
      3:30 - 5:30

    Our Toddler
    Teacher Team

    • Alyssa Griffing
      Toddler 2 Teacher
    • Mia Stevenson
      Toddler 1 teacher
    • Hannah Quiroz
      Toddler 1