January 2017 Newsletter

January 16, 2017


We will be reopening on January 3rd for the start of the New Year.

** As a reminder to all parents- it is our staff’s obligation to care for your children at all times while they are here at HCCC. Staff is not permitted to use their cell phones at any time while they are in the classroom caring for your children so please be sure to call the center phone, 860-435-9694 or email, housatonicchildcarecenter@gmail.com to report any late arrivals/absences or to relay any messages to your child’s teacher.

**Please remember to provide HCCC with an updated immunization report AND physical for your child. Updated immunization records are due each time your child receives an immunization and updated physical records are due each year. The Connecticut Department of Public Health requires that we have the most up to date health records for each child. If your child’s medical records are out of date, the CT DPH requires the removal of your child from our program until the proper documentation has been received. If you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to ask as we do not want to exclude your child, but are required to follow the guidelines set by the state.

**As a friendly reminder please drive slowly/carefully when dropping off and picking up your child(ren). Also, please park your car in a designated spot being sure not to park in front of the building in the fire lane.

**The center does not open until 7:30AM. Please do not drop off any earlier than that time. The center closes at 5:30pm. Please do not pick up any later than that time.

**Please follow your contracted schedules. If you need to make changes, please speak to Tonya.


Starting with the New Year, we will no longer be using the computer at the front entrance for sign in and out purposes. Instead, there will be an attendance sheet in each child’s classroom that you, the parent, will be required to sign and time stamp at drop off and pick up. Per state requirements, we need to have more detailed records for who is picking up each child, and not just what time. Thank you for your cooperation.
As you may have noticed, there is a bear shaped container hanging on the wall in the front hallway. Labonne’s receipts have been collected and put into this container, and then several times a year, HCCC adds up the receipts and we receive .5% of the total amount. Please consider saving your receipts and adding them to our collection.

Preschool News

The Preschool class has spent most of December practicing ringing those sleigh bells and we are now ready to ring in the New Year. January will be a busy month for our room as we have several visitors scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Rebecca from Women’s Services will be visiting our class to share a book and discussion on Thurs. Jan. 5th. We are excited to have Tom the Music Man visiting again on every other Tuesday beginning on the 3rd. Kealan and Rory will continue our bi-weekly Wednesday drumming sessions. On Monday Jan. 30th we will have visitors from Susan B. Anthony performing a puppet show about Conflict Resolution for the preschoolers. This month we will also be beginning yoga lessons following along with children’s level yoga videos and books on Thursday mornings.
Our themes for the month of January are; New Year, Snow & Ice, Polar Animals, and Winter Science. Some of the Objectives for Development and Learning we will be fulfilling this month include

  • 27. Demonstrates knowledge of the Earths environments
  • 14. Uses symbols and images to represent something not present
  • 3. Participates cooperatively and constructively in group situations.
  • 32. Demonstrates simple geographic knowledge.

As the cold weather sets in this month we will have fewer chances to enjoy outdoor play, in preparation for this we have begun to lesson-plan indoor gross motor activities, we are looking forward to using the seated scooters, having a penguin egg waddling challenge, and launching cotton snowballs from rubber band catapults. We will be using the large foam climber shapes and tumble mats, as well as tunnels and pop-up tents to encourage gross motor play while indoors.
As a reminder the preschool class may be enjoying outdoor play on days the weather is above 20 degrees, please make sure that your child has all of his/her outdoor clothing each day. (snow pants, boots, winter jacket, gloves, hats, and scarves) Labeling all outdoor gear will help us to be sure that nothing gets sent home with the wrong child/family.
The Preschool Team

Toddler News

Happy January and welcome Winter!
We are excited to welcome our friend Bryn from the infant room, and two new friends, Lois and Charlie Bean to the toddler room this month! We have two birthdays in January, Quin is 2 on the 26th and Hayden is 3 on the 22nd! Happy birthday 
Our themes this month include snow and ice, exercise/staying in shape, and cooking and the Chinese New Year.
The colder weather has begun, so we ask that you please bring a winter coat every day, hats, gloves, and snow pants and boots to keep here in your child’s cubby. We love to get outside and explore the snow. Also, extra summer/fall clothes can return home and be replaced with extra long sleeved shirts, pants, socks, etc.
Please remember to bring your January wipes! 2 packs is required per child. Also, please remember to keep a stock of diapers for your child as needed. Our supply of extra diapers is completely empty, so it is crucial that you keep sending diapers for your child.
Sick season is upon us. If your child is feeling under the weather, please do not send them to the center. Sick germs spread incredibly fast to all of the other students, and teachers as well.
Thank you & Happy New Year!
Miss Kristina, Miss Alissa, Miss Brooke and Miss Blake

Infant News

Happy New Year!
Welcome winter, as we enter the New Year the infant room will be saying goodbye to Bryn. Bryn will be starting the New Year in the toddler room. The New Year and winter have arrived, as well as cold and flu season. We ask parents to be conscious of your child’s health, and not send them to the center if they are under the weather to prevent the rapid spread of germs to the other babies, and their teachers. The infant room welcomes January, and continues learning our themes associated with winter weather, and exploring exciting sensory experiences. Our babies have become more mobile! We have included many exciting gross motor activities for our growing babies.
*Monthly reminder*please make sure your babies bag is packed containing proper fitting outfits. We are completely out of all diaper cream, please be sure to send labeled diaper crème with your child. Please be sure each month you send in your 2 packs of wipes. With 6 babies in the room we tend to run out very quickly. Also, please remember to label all of your child’s clothing, bottles, and containers. We want to make sure they go home with the correct child!

Happy December!
Miss Stephanie and Miss Sarah

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