July Newsletter

July 7, 2017


Please be sure to call the center phone, 860-435-9694 or email, housatonicchildcarecenter@gmail.com to report any late arrivals/absences or to relay any messages to your child’s teacher.

Please follow your contracted schedules. If you need to make changes, please speak to Tonya.

We will be making our first field trip to the Grove on July 18th. All toddlers and preschool classrooms will be attending. We will leave the center at 9:45 and return at 11:45. There will be a permission slip to sign, and we are asking if parents want to chaperone, please speak to your child’s teacher. We hope you will join us!!!


Our summer program is off to a great start, and we have a ton of fun outdoor activities planned for the upcoming month. During the summer months, we will be taking a break from our bi-weekly visits from Tom The Music Man and the Drummers to enable us to open our schedule for water play, walking trips, and picnics. We plan to resume these activities in the Fall. The preschoolers WILL BE continuing our weekly walks to the library on Friday mornings.

During most of the month of July the Preschool Class will be continuing our study of insects. Thank you to Hayden and Kieran and their families for bring in additions to our bug collection. All children are welcome to bring in insects that they find, either alive (to observe for a couple days in a well-sealed container) or preserved bugs to add to our bug collection. We will be looking closely at insects in the coming weeks and classifying them based on size, color, pattern, and defining characteristics; stingers, wings, pinchers, etc. During our study, we will be introducing new vocabulary; metamorphosis, larva, exoskeleton, pest, and using comparison words; bigger, smaller, longer, shorter. We will begin keeping a ‘Bug Journal” of the bugs we observe and creating insect themed artwork through use of stamps, crayon rubbings, watercolor, playdough sculpting and collage.

Children and families are encouraged to bring in bug themed books, games and activities for your child to enjoy with their friends at daycare. Some ideas are puzzles, bug themed games, memory, Cooties, bug bingo, books or song about bugs, plush toys in the form of bugs or models. These items will be sent home again at the end of the day.

Thank you,

Miss Angie, Miss Emily, and Miss Sarah


We have two toddler birthday’s this month! Austin turns 3 on the 14th, and Mia turns 3 on the 23rd! Soon they will join the preschool classroom and we will be so sad to see them go!

This month our Toddler 1 themes are: 4th of July/ Fireworks, Ocean/Beach, and Sports. Toddler 2 themes are: Farm life – The way we live, Hiking and Camping, Dinosaurs and Fossils.

Please check your child’s cubby for plenty of extra clothes and shoes for the week. Please label all clothing and towels.

With the summer in full swing we will be having lots of time for water play, please be sure to send your child with a bathing suit and shoes suitable for water.


The center opens at 7:30. Our program begins at 9 am, so please call or email if your child will be in late or absent.

Please make sure to pack enough food for your child- provide an extra snack to keep in your child’s cubby.

Please send in your 2 packs of wipes for the month.

Thank you,

Miss Alissa, Miss Kristina, Miss Blake


Happy July! We hope that everyone enjoyed the 4th and saw some fireworks!

We are excited to have the Vanegas family join our HCCC family again, as we welcome their newest addition, Julian to our infant program!

We will primarily focus on building relationships, and exploring new experiences while building gross motor skills this month. We anticipate spending time exploring nature, and spending time outdoors so please remember sun protection.

Thank you!

Miss Stephanie

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