June 2017 Newsletter

June 14, 2017


Please be sure to call the center phone, 860-435-9694 or email, housatonicchildcarecenter@gmail.com to report any late arrivals/absences or to relay any messages to your child’s teacher.


Please follow your contracted schedules. If you need to make changes, please speak to Tonya.

Please remember that we are closed on Wednesday, June 21, and will reopen on Thursday, June 22 for the start of our summer program!!!!



Admission is $5.00 per child and there will be trucks, a bouncy house, food, and children’s activities! Please join us!



June is here and we are quickly approaching the busy end of our school year. During this exciting time many of our preschoolers are graduating to kindergarten which is a milestone we greet with mixed emotions, as we are so proud of their achievements but sad to see them go.

The preschoolers are enjoying lots of time spent outdoors, this month we will be beginning waterplay, and adventures beyond the confines of our classroom and playground. We are beginning to go outdoors in the mornings before circle, please help us keep your children safe and comfortable by applying sunscreen and bug spray before leaving your child at the center. If you have not sent bug spray AND sunscreen along with a signed form permitting us to use it, please make sure to do so.

We begin water play outdoors this month please send a towel and swimsuit or an additional set of extra clothing for your child to get wet in. While engaged in waterplay on the playground our preschoolers must wear shoes to protect their feet on the woodchips, sending in crocs or similar footwear is much appreciated. Also, please provide appropriate footwear for climbing, running, jumping, soccer ball kicking; flip flops and open toed sandals or girl’s dress shoes are often a tripping hazard and can prevent your child from have the range of motion and coordination necessary to engage in outdoor play.

The preschoolers are currently involved in creating a garden on our playground, we will be getting muddy, digging and planting and weeding, we will be continuing this project through our summer program.

At the beginning of this month the preschool class will be learning about Summer Safety with a week of bicycle and playground safety activities. We will be holding our annual Trike-A-Thon on Friday June 9th as the final event in our bicycle safety week. The second half of June we will be starting an ongoing investigation of “Bugs and Insects,” we will be searching our playground and beyond to find interesting insects and recording what we find in our Bug Journals. We will learn what characteristics a bug needs to be a true insect, we will learn about metamorphosis and will hatch more insect eggs in our classroom. We encourage all the preschoolers to continue investigating the bugs in their backyards and feel free to bring in interesting insects that they find.

The PreSchool Team,

Miss Angie, Miss Emily, and Miss Becky


June is finally here!

This month, our Toddler 1 themes are: Father’s Day, Family, the Beach, and Sea Animals. Toddler 2 themes are: Transportation, Going on a Picnic, Summer, and Stars & Stripes.

The weather is quickly changing so please be sure that your child’s cubby has the following items: extra WARM weather clothes, change of shoes, bathing suit, sunhats, and water bottle.

The ticks are still at large, so please be sure to bring in bug spray and sunscreen to keep your child safe! NAEYC only allows us to apply one application of bug spray so please spray your child at home or when you arrive at the center, so we can apply another in the afternoon to help keep your child safe.

Please be sure to pack your child enough food and snacks for the entire day, and please bring in extra dry snacks to keep in their cubby in case they run out. It is also required per DPH that lunchboxes need an icepack to keep things cool. We cannot refrigerate items from home for you/your child.

Lastly, don’t forget your child’s diapers and wipes for the month of June.

Miss Kristina, Miss Blake, Miss Alissa, Miss Brooke, Miss Sarah


We are excited to celebrate Maisies first birthday on June 21st !!!! This month we will be indulging in summer fun! We will have lots of water play, and fun in the sun, please remember your sunscreen. The infants will be exploring the outdoors, and adventuring onto the newly divided playground! Please be sure that your child has appropriate footwear, extra clothes and bug spray for the upcoming fun outside.

Please remember to send your monthly wipes. Children that attend 2 days per week send in 1 pack of wipes and children that attend 3-5 days per week send in 2 packs of wipes.

Miss Stephanie

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