What are we doing to reduce the spread of COVID at HCCC?

September 3, 2020

These are scary times, but we understand the need for child care and we want to be at HCCC with your children! We have implemented several new policies and procedures to keep our staff and families safe.

Daily health screenings and temperature checks are conducted at our front door. Anyone with a temperature of 100.0 or over are not allowed to attend HCCC for 2 weeks or if they are tested for COVID and the results are negative. There is a more extensive illness policy as well. Please email us if you wish to find out more.

Parents and older siblings are not permitted inside HCCC or our playgrounds. Children are to be dropped off on their respective playgrounds, and infants are dropped off at the front door with an infant teacher. Parents must wear a mask when dropping off.

All teachers wear masks while working. Children wash their hands upon arrival to the center and frequently throughout the day, after coming inside, before meals, after using the bathroom/diaper change, etc. Toys that children put in their mouths are washed immediately after the child is done playing with them. All other toys are sanitized at the end of the day. The playground equipment and toys are sanitized twice a day – at rest time, and after pick up.

Our hours of operation have been temporarily changed to 8:00am – 4:30pm. This allows for each group of children to stay with their teachers for the whole day and there is no mixing of groups of children or teachers to cover parts of the day.

The group size has been mandated by the state to 16. That means that our toddler classroom can have 8 children on each side (Toddler 1 and Toddler 2), our infant classroom can have 6 children, and preschool can have 16. This number was recently increased from 10, then 14, and now 16. Our preschool classroom usually averages about 20 children so this is reduced capacity for us.

Extra belongings for your child will stay at the center. Extra clothes and nap items will stay at the center and be washed by us at the end of the week. Ideally, the only things going back and forth from your home to the center will be your child and their lunch box. If there is a special item that your child sleeps with that comes with them, that can certainly go home each day. Toys from home should stay at home, especially in these times.

We are doing everything we possibly can to keep your children and families safe and reduce the risk of another closure. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us to find out more or go over any concerns you may have.

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